South Asian Mental Health Resources

Websites PodcastBrown Taboo ProjectMannMukti PodcastsBrown and BoldThe Woke Desi InstagramBrownGirlTherapyBrownPsychologistSouthAsianSistersSpeakBrownTherapistNetworkSouthAsianTherapistsThebrowngirlstorySouthAsianQueensBrownGirlRebel My hope is to accumulate a bunch of resources that are created by South Asian Individuals that are culturally relevant, talk about all the social issues that impact us, and are validating. I am in awe of the content that is available right now andContinue reading “South Asian Mental Health Resources”

Cultural Humility in Psychotherapy #2

Over the last few weeks, I have been listening to podcasts and watching videos which has helped me to explore my blind spots and make an effort towards being more trauma-informed, and sensitive to the needs of BIPOC clients. My experience with educating myself has shaken quite a few notions, and confirmed others. More importantly,Continue reading “Cultural Humility in Psychotherapy #2”