South Asian Mental Health Resources

Websites PodcastBrown Taboo ProjectMannMukti PodcastsBrown and BoldThe Woke Desi InstagramBrownGirlTherapyBrownPsychologistSouthAsianSistersSpeakBrownTherapistNetworkSouthAsianTherapistsThebrowngirlstorySouthAsianQueensBrownGirlRebel My hope is to accumulate a bunch of resources that are created by South Asian Individuals that are culturally relevant, talk about all the social issues that impact us, and are validating. I am in awe of the content that is available right now andContinue reading “South Asian Mental Health Resources”

Resources for ADHD

See below some helpful resources for ADHD. Websites Youtube Podcasts Comics I will update this list as and when I find my resources. I am doing my best to find resources that are neurodiversity affirming. If there is any feedback or any suggestion, feel free to reach out to me. Note: The purpose ofContinue reading “Resources for ADHD”

Book Review: Small Things by Mel Tregonning

“Anxiety was born in the very same moment as mankind. And since we will never be able to master it, we will have to learn to live with it—just as we have learned to live with storms.” Paulo Coelho, Manuscrito encontrado em Accra (Trigger Warning: Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, Suicide) So I am usually not someoneContinue reading “Book Review: Small Things by Mel Tregonning”

Myths of Anxiety

My anxiety is silent. You wouldn’t even notice a change on the outside but I’m honestly so stressed I can’t even manage simple tasks. People call me lazy when, in reality, I’m just overwhelmed. Unknown In this article, I will simply focus on the myths of anxiety. There is so much information about anxiety outContinue reading “Myths of Anxiety”

Myths of Mental Health/Mental Illness

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation.” Glenn Close Towards the end of May this year, I volunteered to run an online workshop with students from a private school in Mississauga. So there we were, on zoom, about 50 to 60 girls from grades 5 to 12, and teachers, sittingContinue reading “Myths of Mental Health/Mental Illness”

Cultural Humility in Psychotherapy #2

Over the last few weeks, I have been listening to podcasts and watching videos which has helped me to explore my blind spots and make an effort towards being more trauma-informed, and sensitive to the needs of BIPOC clients. My experience with educating myself has shaken quite a few notions, and confirmed others. More importantly,Continue reading “Cultural Humility in Psychotherapy #2”

Cultural Humility in Psychotherapy

The murder of George Flyod and the surging Black Lives Matter Movement has got therapists around the world actively talking about being more culturally humble and curious in their practice. I wish, from the depths of my heart, that this is not a just a momentary, performative decision, but a lifelong commitment to be moreContinue reading “Cultural Humility in Psychotherapy”


“At its root, perfectionism isn’t really about a deep love of being meticulous. It’s about fear. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of disappointing others. Fear of failure. Fear of success.” Michael Law As a recovering Perfectionist, I thought it would be best to start with this topic. I use the word ‘recovering’ as IContinue reading “Perfectionism”